Washing Medical Scrubs


Medical scrubs can come into a host of germs at work so you will need to pay attention to how scrubs are washed, especially if you are in charge of washing them on your own.


Keep medical scrubs separate from the rest of the laundry. Change out of them when you get home and put them in a separate hamper. Wash scrubs using a disinfectant. A regular wash and dry cycle will kill many of the germs but it's not the same as a disinfectant. You want to take this extra step to make sure that you getting your scrubs extra clean. Choose scrubs that are made from durable and quality materials. Scrubs that are made with a lightweight poly-cotton blend are durable and can withstand plenty of wash cycles. These scrubs also dry quicker. If your washer and dryer have a sanitize setting, be sure to use this. Also, treat any stains before washing them. Warmer water can set stains.