How to Find Scrubs That Flatter Any Body Type


With so many different scrubs there, it’s important to find ones for your body type so you can be comfortable throughout the day.


Look for Shaping: You may want to find baggy or loose fitting scrubs, but this can make you look boxy. Bypass shapeless uniforms and instead choose something with some shaping.

Shoulders and Arms: You need to find the perfect scrub top to make sure that your shoulder, neck, and arm areas are comfortable. If you find that your scrub top is rolling backward or you are tugging at it all day, then you may need to choose a different size. Try different brands and sizes to find what makes you comfortable.


Pants: When it comes to finding scrub pants, be sure to measure your inseam in order to get the right length you need. You also need to add in three to six inches so that your pants can hang comfortably with shoes on.